My name is Minoru Enomoto, a project 90 adviser.

“When customers of all ages turned 90, they enjoyed a cup of golf and laughed.」

The “Project90” we started to achieve this goal

We hope that you can tell us a little bit about the information that will help you to develop the mental and physical health of every customer.

By the way, what is health for you?

The Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, “A survey on healthy consciousness”, “that there is no disease”, “delicious food and drink”, “that the body is strong,” such as the physical aspects of the majority, “that there is no worries and worries,” and “that the relationship is good,” There was an answer to judge health from the mental and social aspects.

In addition, in the questionnaire of one Internet site, “There is no sickness”, “appetite that feels delicious even if what you eat” occupies the top, “body fat 10% or less,” “skin condition” and “energy to be able to put up the stairs of the station” there is a standard for each person.

The definition of common health in the world is that of the WHO (World Health Organization), “Health is not a disease, it is not weak, but physically, mentally, and socially, it is said that everything is in a state of being filled..

By the way, the etymology of “health” is said to be the word that the four-character phrase “Ken body Yasunu” which exists in the classics of China shrinks, and “the body is healthy and the mind is peaceful” seems to mean.In addition, “health” seems to be a new word unexpectedly, it has come to be used since the Meiji era.

Maybe, I have become an old era name candidate….

Common Health for everyone.And each person has a health that you have individually.We would like to promote “Project90” while sharing various health standards.

Thank you.