At the age of ninety, we started the project 90, a plan to enjoy golf and disseminate various health information on the theme.

At the kickoff, a talk event about food and health was held with the invitation of Dr. Rina Suzuki, who is qualified as a preventive medicine and physical therapist.

A decade ago, “My body is the most I know”, “I do not care about health,” but I feel that there were many wild golfers such, everyone of this time, the participants have been seriously learned and continued to take notes and questions when the event begins.

It was the content which gave the participants a chance to further enhance their health consciousness, such as the past that caused him to start studying the body, the body which had been harmed by his health, and the creation of a non-tiring physical diet and the story of food and ingredients. The swing video of Mr. Suzuki of the golf beginner who showed up at the end, the tsukkomi that it is bad at all from the hall enters and is advised on the contrary, laughter is also a fun time.

Shonan Kinugasa Golf is 50 years old this year. I want to see the figure that everyone will practice happily even if becoming 90 years old with everyone in the future.Please look forward to the project 90 that started with the feeling.

Next time, we will have a lecture on self-stretch by Dr. Takahashi of Sports trainer, 3/31 Sunday 11:00.

Details will be announced at a later date, but please feel free to contact the front 046-836-0378 if you are interested.

By the way, Mr. Suzuki is enthusiastic to participate in the competition etc. of the visitor in the future, so please raise your voice when you see it in the practice field. I think that you can see it at once because it swings like Choi Hoson.

* Choi Hoson