The second installment of the project 90 was a physical therapist who called the sports trainer Takahashi and Dr. Enomoto to create an opportunity to learn the correct stretch.

We have taught one-on-one self-conditioning method tailored to each person’s body.

In the morning and afternoon, the room was full of reservations, including an increased reservation.

If you are a member of our

  • I think I can continue this.
  • I always stretch, but doing it the right way is totally different.It seems to have been cast magic.
  • It was good that I could tell you my weak point.It seems to be effective in golf.
  • The hardness of my body was understood anew.
  • The movement of the body was smooth when I finished the event and practiced.We will continue.

I received the impression of content that was satisfied.

A word from Mr. Takahashi.

“Self-conditioning is the most important continuation.In the wake of today’s event, I hope you will incorporate a stretch into everyday life!」

Project 90: Enjoy golf even when you are 90 years old!The theme of this project is to disseminate various health information and to hold events.


Next time we will make each sequel to the Golden Week, nutrition and stretching.

The details will be uploaded at a later date, Facebook page, Instagram, please check it out!