SKG and Yokohama DeNA BayStars have built a cooperative relationship in various forms since 2000.

At the time when the farm team was Shonan Serex, we also did an event that was not considered so much now.

The 1st Shonan Golf Day

The 2nd Shonan Golf Day

After the game, we played a mini-golf tournament on the ground, and we did the starting-ball ceremony.

“Japan First ball world!”It is, and it is the feeling that it is so (laughs)

Players come to the practice field and the public lesson meeting is held off.

Shonan Golf Day Winter version

During the summer vacation, we invited the children of Yokosuka City (part of Yokohama City) to a free match against the Sea Rex.

Presentation ceremony

At this time, when the ticket stub was brought to the practice area, there was a service which was able to practice free.

I have been doing a lot of things, but recently, I have set up the “Shonan Kinugasa Golf Charity Sheet” and invite all welfare facilities in Yokosuka City to be sponsored by the BayStars farm team.

We will continue to install this year, so please use it, and let’s support the BayStars with us.

Https:// Details

* Invitation Conditions

Those who are the following in the welfare facilities in Yokosuka City

(1) Children and facilities living in welfare facilities, etc.

(2) Persons with mental and physical disabilities, their caregivers and facilities

* Contact Us

Yokosuka City Social Welfare Council Volunteer Center (AKA: Yokosuka Volunteer Center)

4F, 238-0041-cho, Yokosuka City General Welfare Center

TEL: 046-821-1303 FAX: 046-824-8110

There are also baystars signs near the entrance of Shonan Kinugasa Golf.

Even so, “Shonan Sea Rex”, I really nostalgic.

The current Hawks Uchikawa and Murata, who retired last year, also started working hard in Yokosuka! Young!!