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Kikuchi Masayuki

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1980. When I was in fourth grade, I was invited to play golf by my friend, and I was drawn into the fun of golf at a stretch. I canceled the appointment already decided, and after graduation I went to the editorial course of a golf magazine. Deeply dive into the world of golf ‘tools’ through editorial work. After retiring from the editors, they learn product knowledge while working at a golf shop. After that, we will deepen our research as a craftsman at “KGA Golf Salon”. Currently, he works as a local club craftsman while serving at the BLUE TURF in Shonan Kinugasa Golf. I’m also a professional who teaches golf because I am qualified as a JGRA instructor, as well as a remarkable tool. We want to dive into the world of golf and create a club of your destiny by mobilizing all your knowledge for over 15 years.

Fitting Flow

Club diagnosis and counseling (indication: 20 minutes)

First of all, before the start of fitting, counseling thoroughly. We will ask you carefully, such as “Your worries,” “What kind of condition do you want to be by purchasing a new club?” Be sure to bring a golf bag when fitting. By looking at the contents of the golf bag, you can often identify the cause of your trouble. Those who have purchased a golf club in a selfish fashion unexpectedly even if the golf calendar is ugly. Although they were recommended by a golf shop clerk and bought it, in fact, it was a club that did not fit the person’s body and habit at all. After seeing the flow of the club, we will decide which club to try from tens of thousands of clubs.

Step2 Go out to the practice area and try a shot (approximately 40 minutes)

If you are considering purchasing a driver or iron, go to practice after counseling. I will beat the clubs I suggested one by one. At this point, there are many customers who are surprised that the flight distance has been extended and the unfixed trajectory has been straightened. You can swing all the way to the out-of-the-orbit sky if it’s fitting at the practice area. In such an environment, let us carefully check the “always swing”.

Check with dedicated app, suggestions

While looking at the habit of the customer’s swing with your eyes, shooting with a dedicated app. While checking with the customer, we will change the shaft and head. Of course not only changing the tool side, but also giving some advice for the swing. The habit of hitting is more than you thought by your own style of golf or the advice of a golf fellow. Just changing your swing a bit can make you look different. We will narrow down the choices of the club while collating with the instructor’s unique suggestions.

About the test of putter

Customers who wish to putter putters should try out in the special space. I have seen a lot of putters I have recommended with confidence “BENOCK (Benokku)”. You should definitely meet one of the destiny. Try out 10 or more putters and shoot with a dedicated app. Sometimes the weight is adjusted with a 1 g lead seal. “That only 1g,” he will not be rewarded. This minute difference improves the quality of putting.

The charm of the BENOCK putter

The unique “balance angle theory”, precise fitting, and the trinity of ultra-precise microfabrication technology produce an extraordinary sense of stability, exceptional comfort in use, and high designability. “Benoc putter” of pride. The feature is that a putter that matches the person is “must” be found. The peace of mind when putting it is important just because putters are easy to take out spiritual things. If you are a benock putter, you will be a reliable ally to hit the putter according to the image. As it is completely made-to-order, it is also possible to imprint the name and the original design as an option.

Step4 After After Counseling, To Club Production

After counseling after the trial. Please make sure to order the club after you are completely convinced. Please be assured that there is no way to recommend it. Club payments can also be made by credit card or in installments. The cost is about 30% higher than ready-made clubs bought at mass retailers. That’s why it’s a club that answers with results.

After contracting, we will make fine adjustments to the millimeter to finish your own local club. It is my pride that most customers realize the effects after purchase and come to tell them the compliments.

Occasionally, after a long time, a new habit may appear in how to beat (eg, a golf associate is advised that “I would like to strike this way”, and a habit that is different from the time of fitting will be attached etc) . Please feel free to contact us if you think “I have not been working well again recently …”.

Even after purchase, you can see shots at the driving range and give advice. It’s not the end of making a club, but I would be glad if you could rely on you as a good partner in your golfing life.

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