This year’s Golden Week, Daisuke Kobayashi has prepared a special lesson plan by professional. We will hold a lesson meeting for three days of May 2-5, specializing in various approaches, bunkers, putter, and slicing and hooks. NotSlice, fix the hook?It seems, of course, it will be a lesson in it properly, but this time, rather than simply “practice to beat the ball straight”, rather than “challenge the ball control” will be the content. In the practice field, I think that there are a lot of people who are practicing for a straight, accurate. But actually, the person who can bend the ball intentionally becomes able to hit the ball which is near straight by going to reduce the width of the bend. For example, in this situation, if you can hit the hook to aim, the choice of shot spreads. You will learn how to jump out of the ball, how to bend the ball, and you can learn techniques that can be used for rounds and exercises by bending the balls. If you know the mechanism, you can also divide the height difference, you can also increase the variation of the approach. I hope you will take this opportunity to incorporate new discoveries into your own golf. SKG Lessons Pro Profile Also, I usually hold lessons that specialize in putting that are not done easily. The putter is called a sensibility, and there may not be a certain type, but a good person has some similarities.Incorporating that point into your own style may make a dramatic change. If you are not good at putter, why not try it once? The schedule is as follows. May 3-5 (1) 10:30pm-12:00pm (2) 13:30-15:00 twice each day, 5 participants each time, participation fee is only 1,500 yen whopping! Reservations must be made in advance, so please contact the front desk as soon as possible. You can also make reservations by phone or contact us. 046-836-0378 we are looking forward to seeing you.