It is now a little more than one week to leave the Heisei. May 1st will be the beginning of the new era of the first of the Golden Week will be in the midst of it, but how will you spend? “There are a lot of golf courses in the Golden Week, so there may not be a few people who think that way. But actually, some of the courses are vacant unexpectedly. In the vicinity of SKG, Hayama International Kantree Club is one of them.Depending on the booking method, there is a possibility that the price is also advantageous. Hayama International Kantree Club official website Please check it out by all means. As for the practice field, the first half of GW is vacant every year, and the tendency that the visitor increases as the latter half becomes it. SKG offers a lot of events during this year’s holiday. One of them is also titled “May 5th, 6th Junior High School students under free invitation planning”. It is SKG which has the only junior special school in Yokosuka City, but the history which welcomed junior is the oldest in the city, and started by Iwamuro Pro about 20 years ago. At that time, I remembered that there were a lot of junior refusal of the course still. The Junior school is always excited.   The service is served on the day from 10:00 to 16:00.You can hit 150 balls free of charge. Parents must be accompanied by a child, but the practice will be practiced only by children at the bat. After reception at the reception, parents should wait at the lobby or at the back of the plate, or wait while practicing as usual. Other events will also be available on the official Facebook page soon.   Golf is a sport that can be enjoyed throughout the generations. Fun, and seriously.Please give your child a golf experience on this occasion!