Golf School Information

From beginners to advanced students, lessons are tailored to your individual level and lead you to progress.

Shonan Kinugasa Golf School Instructor

Yoko Kijima

  • 木島洋子プロ

Japan Women’s Professional Golf Association first grader. Loveful “oni” lessons are very popular

“The lessons don’t go literally. The possibilities of the students are endless!” Kijima Professional, who talks so hot, started playing golf 61 years ago. Opportunity was one driver that I got from my boss in caddy part-time job. Experience the lower age in an environment surrounded by top golfers. Passed the first women’s protest in 1967 and made the foundation for women’s pros. In the same period, there are former members of the Japan Women’s Professional Golf Association Hisako Higuchi. Currently holds PGA Teaching Pro Class A license. Not only the students but also the development of junior professionals. </ p>

selling is “getting crazy and teaching.” Serious words, sometimes severe words also pop out, but has a reputation for being a shortcut to improvement. “My golf life has been 61 years for customers to grow. I will study every day from now on!” It is a specialist who brings out the possibility.

Tomoaki Iwamuro

  • 岩室智章プロ

Golf otaku I will teach you the best score update tips!

“I was good at sports, but I just could not get golf right now. I regret it.” I recalled that I started golfing. “The wonderful scenery of the course at that time. I want to convey this touching experience to as many people as possible!” As expected, junior lessons have been started from an early stage, and in 2004, they will be selected as “Japan Teaching Pro 100 Selection” by Golf Digest Inc., etc., and will continue climbing up the stairs to the dream of “Golf Evangelist”. </ p>

“Golf is said to be a life-long sport, but you can’t do it alone. Of course you can become a golfer who is loved and targeted by anyone more than technology and of course. Is a belief, “a man full of golf love.

Daisuke Kobayashi

  • 小林大介プロ

Do you know the correct impact?
Do you not say that it is a beautiful swing?

Kobayashi pro born in Yokosuka, Yokosuka was born in 1978. Soon after starting golfing, he aimed at becoming a professional golfer, and hit a ball for countless numbers here at Shonan Costume Golf. After being trained by Royal Star Golf Club (Chiba Prefecture), he currently holds the teaching professional A grade of Japan Professional Golf Association and Jr instructors and is taking lessons. The weekly Golf Digest, which has been published frequently, has been selected as the 2018 Lessons of the Year by 10 people. Lessons taking advantage of the zen golfers factory lessons mezot who received training in Thailand are also well received.

Even at the age of 40, Kobayashi Pro, who is taking lessons and is working on improving skills and lesson knowledge, laughs as “I have few professionals who understand the feelings of students as much as I do.” The goal is to contribute to the golf life of as many golfers as possible by their own lessons.

“Because you often practice batting, please feel free to say if you see it!”


A free transfer system that even busy people can attend at their convenience.
※ It is limited to the same professional.


9:30~ Iwamuro
10:00~ Kobayashi
10:30~ Kobayashi Kobayashi
11:00~ Iwamuro Kobayashi Iwamuro Iwamuro
11:15~ Iwamuro
13:00~ Iwamuro Kijima Iwamuro Iwamuro
13:30~ Kobayashi Kobayashi Kobayashi Kobayashi
15:00~ Iwamuro
16:00~ KijimaIwamuro Iwamuro
16:50~ Kobayashi
17:30~ Iwamuro Iwamuro
18:00~ Iwamuro Iwamuro
18:30~ Kobayashi Kobayashi
19:00~ Kijima Kijima
19:15~ Iwamuro
19:45~ Iwamuro Iwamuro
20:00~ Kijima
20:30~ Kobayashi Kobayashi

Fee system



Number of times

Time Period

Ball cost

Regular class (weekdays) 14,000 yen 8 times

90 minutes

2 months


Regular class (holiday) 17,000 yen 8 times 90 minutes 2 months


Junior class

8,500 yen 8 times 60 minutes 3 months Includes
※ If the number of students in the application class is 2 or less, you may move or have a shorter lesson.
※ Payment by credit card is also possible.
※ We accept mid-term enrollment at any time.

Individual lessons

Fee Number Time Period Ball fee
Kijima・Iwamuro・Kobayashi 1,600 yen 1 time 20 minutes


※ Individual lessons can be booked on the same day. There are also good deals.

School student 5 major benefits (regular class only)

  1. Deposit 10% off on golf card (5,000 yen · 10,000 yen)
  2. Bunker practice area fee free of charge (received at the front desk)
  3. Supplies and club repair special discounts (except for some items)
  4. Rental club shoes Free
  5. Participation in events such as round lessons
  6. When you attend school, you can use unlimited 2 hours
※Juniors have special rates for purchasing balls outside of school