BLUE TURF Manager Kikuchi.

Today I will update the blog from the Midsummer Thailand.

Tropical Country Thailand is the hottest time of the year, and the town is a water festival called Songkran, and it is very crowded with the water like the combat. Meanwhile, I came here to introduce the “BENOCK” putter, one of the flagship products of BLUE TURF, to the Japanese golfer who lives Thailand.

The venue is the Siam Country Club, which is held by Honda LPGA Thailand. The prestigious course is a 90-minute drive from the capital city of Bangkok.

Thailand, especially for expatriate golfers, it is said that golf is not a job and that “Gofu (golf is pronounced in Thailand language)” is a presence in close contact with life. Of course, the heat for the gear is amazing, not to mention the technology.


My fitting also has the power to be tempted by it.

At the same time, we have prepared for you to test the latest gear Japan other than putter.


The event was held for everyone participating in the Son Clan training camp sponsored by SKG’s partner, ZEN Golfers Factory.

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Won the world junior in 2014, the woman Tiger that Tatamatsu Rina-Chan was still a striking shot.

I want to go to the Thailand of golf paradise, but I have gone many times and want to become a golf pickle more firmly, please contact us by all means.

Also, if you are interested in business or real estate investment, or if you have an interest in long stay, please feel free to contact us at the “General Incorporated Association Thailand Golf & Wellness Promotion Association,” where President Iwasaki serves as the representative.

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