President and CEO Masahide Iwasaki



Golf driving range where practice is fun

This is a slogan issued by Shonan Kinugasa Golf.
In any case, we would like to enjoy the location of the golf driving range, which tends to be stoic, so that customers can enjoy it more, and our staff can also enjoy it together.

We do not think that this place will be a place for people to practice golf, but it may be a way to create “fun” by making it a place where people gather and information bases for the area. It is

“If you go to Shonan Kinugasa golf, you can feel bright”

To have you tell such a thing and help your mind to be a little bit clearer.

That is the mission of us, Shonan Kinugasa Golf.

Company Profile

Company name Shonan Kinugasa Golf Co., Ltd.

Masahide Iwasaki

Date of establishment July 1, 1959
Location 〒238-0024
Oyabe 1-3-6, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa
TEL 046-836-0378
Mumber of employees 25 people
Business content

Golf driving range management, golf shop management, other golf related business


Founder Iwasaki Seikin / Mariko

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Shonan Kinugasa Golf
〒238-0024 Oyabe 1-3-6, Yokosuka, Kanagawa