1. Article 1 (use of facility) If you use this practice area (hereinafter referred to as the “entrant”), you will use it in accordance with this policy.
  2. Article 2 (Conclusion of Usage Agreement) If you play at this golf driving range (hereinafter referred to as the player), please play after confirming these terms and conditions.
  3. Article 3 (refusal of use of facilities) The practice area may refuse the use in the following cases.
    • When full (including school reservations at bat)
    • When closing the driving range due to natural disasters or other unavoidable circumstances
    • When it is recognized that the user is likely to act against public order or good manners
    • When it is recognized that there is a risk of performing violent acts collectively or regularly
    • When gangster or the person concerned and gangster style are going to use
    • When using drugs such as drunken or stimulant
    • When possessing cutlery, dangerous goods, etc.
    • When you violate the rules and manners seriously and when you can not ignore the warning and change it
    • In addition, when it violated these terms and conditions
  4. Article 4 (Closed Day, Opening Hours) The day off and opening hours of this driving range are determined by the range. However, it may change temporarily.
  5. Article 5 (Money and other valuables) We will not be liable for any loss of valuables such as money, precious stones, precious metals, credit cards, bank account cash cards, etc.
    In addition, lost items of valuables will be reported to the police if they are not informed by the person after one week of discovery.
  6. Article 6 (portable goods, cars, lost goods) Our practice area does not take any responsibility for theft, loss, etc. of portable goods, theft, damage and accidents of cars in parking lots etc.
    Rain gear, golf clubs, etc. Lost items other than valuables will be kept for 3 months from the day of discovery at our practice area.
    Please note that if there is no contact from the person after 3 months of discovery, it will be voluntarily disposed at this practice area.
  7. Article 7 (key of locker) We do not accept locker keys at our practice area, so we will not be liable if there is an accident with the items in the locker.
  8. Article 8 (Safety Measures in Facilities) We set the following items so that the visitors can practice happily and safely in our practice area. Please be sure to observe the visitors.
    • Practice except batting
    • Entering the batting zone for non-players
    • A batting lesson for anyone who is not a friend, acquaintance, or any related person but the teaching staff belonging to the practice location
    • Passings other than bats at bat
    • Moving a bat at bat
    • Entry to the fairway and roof
    • Drive into extreme left and right goal green etc.
    • Entry to restricted areas in the facility
    • Practice in a drunken state
    • Photography, recording, etc. (except when specifically permitted)


    • Please follow etiquette and manners to have fun and play safely
    • Please be careful enough before and after at bat
    • If you are accompanied by a child under junior high school, please be careful not to bother other users under the safety of the companion.
  9. Article 9 (On Use of Long Clubs) Our practice area should be used with caution when using a “long club” (in our practice area, a club with a shaft length of 45 inches or more).
    If an accident occurs using such a club, it will be the responsibility of the user and this practice area is not responsible at all.
  10. Article 10 (Responsibility of Accident)Those who play (practice) will cause damage, damage or other damage to the third party during play (practice), or even if you suffer from these damages, this practice area is responsible for any damages. We do not owe.
  11. Article 11 (Notes on the use of fire) Smoking is prohibited in the bat. I also refuse smoking while walking.
  12. Article 12 (in the case of damaging facilities) If you damage the facility of the training area due to the intention of the visitors or the negligence, you will be compensated for the damage.
  13. Article 13 (Items brought into the facility) We refuse to bring the following items into our facility.
    • Animals and other pets
    • It emits odor or noise
    • Gun gun swords
    • There is a danger of ignition and explosion
    • Other things that cause inconvenience or discomfort to others
  14. Article 14 (Responsibility for violation of terms of use) If the visitor violates these terms and conditions, or if the third party suffers personal or property damage, or if the visitor is damaged, the practice area does not take any responsibility.
  15. Article 15 (prohibition of acts) We will refuse the following actions within the facility.
    • Gambling and other acts that disturb the morals
    • Goods sales, activities such as advertising (except when specifically permitted)
    • An act that causes other people to annoy or feel discomfort
    • Bringing in liquor
  16. Article 16 (Club by Takkyubin / Courier Service)Our practice area does not take any responsibility for loss or damage of the club by Takkyubin or courier service.
  17. Article 17 (Law and Good Rule)Other rules and matters not stipulated in these Terms and Conditions shall be resolved in accordance with the principles of faith and honesty in the spirit of the golf player.
  18. Supplementary rulesThese Terms of Use will come into force on January 1, 2001.