13 Towers, 13 nets. The fields of SKG are enclosed by these. Most of the golf driving range in the urban area where there are a lot of houses etc. in the vicinity is fighting every day to position it to the top of the operation problem to prevent the ball from popping out. There are a lot of places where the practice field which is in the residential area is adopted the form covered with the box form by the net called “Bird Cage”. SKG also has schools and private houses in the surrounding area, so we are thorough attention by the Hall broadcasting, but even so, when the atmosphere that seems to fly in the second floor enters the bat, it is made to watch the staff without it. The one like such intuition comes to the body when working in the practice field for many years. In the past, a famous professional baseball player of the former baystars of the young age (now SoftBank), from the lesson professional of belonging “you, careful because it seems to fly” was also received attention. The story goes back to the facility, but the front tower, height 30 to 40 meters side tower height, 50 meters side plate before the steel tower, height 40 meters triangular net steel tower, height 15 meters these large steel towers Although it is made safely from the base by the structure calculation of course, even if there is an emergency, it does not fall to the house etc. at the bat and the vicinity absolutely, and it is a mechanism to fall toward the field inside side. The net has a measurement system installed, it is a mechanism that is automatically lowered when the strong wind blows.In addition to the risk of breaking the net, the wind fanned the ship’s sails, causing damage to the steel tower. It is a calculation that the net breaks before it is affected by the steel tower when the gust etc. are attacked before it gets off automatically. Of course, daily management is done manually.When a typhoon is forecast, the staff will be stuck in the weather forecast, and may be able to suspend business early in the judgment.We gather in the middle of the night and prepare for the work and the disaster. You will be troubled by the inconvenience to the customer, but you understand that the first safety. SKG is open 365 days a week, so it is not only the best season like this time of year, but especially when typhoons and heavy snow are required to take great care in the hall management, so you can always enjoy your practice with confidence. I will protect the hall firmly.