The Golden Week SKG has lots of events. In addition to the free invitations and projects 90, lessons and shop events, the 5/2 and 5/3 local delicious things gather in SKG. First of all, the strawberry sale of the popular mountain farm in strawberry hunting from 10 o'clock is 5/2.     The belief that it wants to protect the taste of the strawberry to carry out the old-fashioned soil culture cultivation.The juicy, rich strawberry that has passed down for many years is exquisite. On the day, we pack sweet strawberries in a cup and sell them in the form you enjoy on the spot. Please enjoy with plenty of condensed milk in your favorite. I think that you can enjoy the last gem of the season by all means. The official site of Kayama Farm 5/3, the bakery of the very popular using Miura wheat from 10 o'clock also, the bread sale of Mr. Barley. The owner's Kageyama is the baker of the attention in the industry which often appears in the media in the photograph. "In Miura city, we sow seeds, grow them, harvest them, flour them and make bread.The feeling of uneasiness after sowing the seed, the expectation from which the ear comes out to the golden color and harvesting, and a variety of feelings are blocked in one grain. We would be happy to tell you about the "experience of eating" that is centered on the wheat that is harvested in this Miura.It says.On the day, we will sell our special bread for SKG for 200 yen in a uniform. Miura Bakery Mitsuru Wheat official site by the way, SKG's group store, Miyagawa Bagel bagel of Miura is also special for Mr. Mitsuru. The Golden Week of the Miyagawa bagel will be 4/27, 28, 29, 5/3, 4, 5, so I would like to have my legs extended before and after the practice. Miyagawa Bagel Facebook page and the sale of vegetables that are always popular will be held in the special event in the Golden Week. We are planning to have an unlimited packed event, so look forward to it. I think that it is pleased with the souvenir to the family of the answering machine. Please come and use. We will also be pleased to announce other events such as Project 90. I want you to have a fulfilling Golden Week (^-^)