A lot of junior golfers who exceeded the initial forecast participated in “The free invitation planning below the junior high school student” held on 5/5 and 6 days left. A child who will touch a golf club for the first time, a junior high school student aiming at the golf course, piled child A lot of children were really crowded the last practice field of GW. The first thing to say is that a child who did not even know how to hold a few dozen pitches would soon be able to form a swing. Because it was not a lesson event, the advice of a simple “way” though it does not have it, any child grabs the knack in an instant. I think we’ll be overtaken in three days. A million-year average golfer I was looking at the scene with such anxiety (laughs) The Guardians watched the practice, and there was a variety of self-training in other places. The mother said that her child was still small and could not come to the practice area for a while, so she said, “I want you to hold it.” The golf driving range is a place where the aging of the world is clearly visualized, and all facilities assume the capture of the golfer of a new generation to be a supremacy.And, it is not a little to become an argument whether to take a senior or to take a young person.It is important to focus on the target audience in any business. However, the idea of our SKG is a little different. In the first place, golf is different from other sports, and people who are talented, such as advanced and beginner, compete equally under the handicap of the rule.It has the charm to enjoy the exchange beyond generations such as adults and children, seniors and power-proud young people, Grandma and grandchildren. This is where SKG aims to be the place where intergenerational exchanges are held.

However, it is also true that there are hurdles for children to go in and out willingly. I decided to hold this invitation plan on a regular basis, so I want to break the fence a little bit. I will report again about the junior invitation plan, so please look forward to it!