“Since I started playing golf, I thought this was a natural style.」

Many of the golfers in Yokosuka will think like this, the golf style of “going to golf by boat” may be a little strange from the people other than Yokosuka.

The ship is called “Tokyo Bay Ferry” which is shuttled from Kurihama port to the Kanaya port in Chiba for about one hour (with seasonal changes).

There are many golf courses that are inexpensive and easy to play compared to Kanagawa Prefecture, so you can go to the Minamiboso total area about 30 minutes one way, especially early morning flights are used by many golfers.

The room was also crowded with senior golfers on this day.

The ferry also responds to the demand, and a golf bag storage place is set up on the deck, and the environment is easy for golfers to use.

The six o’clock deck in the morning ↓

  [Video width = “1080” height = “1920” mp4 = “https://sk-golf.co.jp/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/20190403_064744.mp4”] /Video

The fare is “walk aboard” to carry the bag on the carrying of 1,320 yen.

If you drive from your home to Kurihama, the parking lot can be used for 1,000 yen a day.

But!In Shonan Kinugasa Golf, if you apply in advance, there is a free service to issue parking tickets and keep your car.

You can save the parking fee when you head to Kurihama in shared to make the meeting to practice field ^ ^

You can also leave your car on board.

Please check here for the price. Http://www.tokyowanferry.com/smart/theme39.html

When you arrive at Kanaya Port, the club bus of each golf course welcomes you.

Of course, the return is neatly sent.

Since Kanaya port is full of souvenir shops and restaurants, wouldn’t it be pleasing to buy vegetables and sweets for your family?

This is recommended for the return journey.

It stains on the tired body after golf. The Yokosuka Golf style is a little bit of a golf trip.

If the round is not convincing, please come to review Shonan Kinugasa Golf (^-^)