Enjoy playing golf even when you are 90 years old!”Project 90″, which has been engaged in the field for many years in the nursing In addition, we invited Mr. Imazawa, who has been doing a lecture to disseminate the understanding of the symptoms of cognition and so on, and held a talk event.

Mr. Imazawa is a very handsome guy.Dean Fujioka of the nursing World (laughs) The theme of this talk event is to enjoy the 100-year-long life, what should I do when the family and relatives become the necessary care, and how should you manage health yourself. It was a very deep theme, and the participants seemed to be listening seriously, with very complex thoughts. Dementia is the most common factor that needs to be cared for. At present, we live in a period of dementia, one in seven people over the age of 65.In 2025, one in five people.It is not another.It is a very familiar disease. Dr. Imazawa, what is the first characteristic of understanding dementia?What kind of correspondence do you need?It is said that it is important to know.I think it will deepen the understanding of dementia gradually even if only the consideration is directed. Currently, the average life expectancy of the Japan is 80 males and 87 years old. On the other hand, the health expectancy is 72 years male and female is 74 years old. That is to say, for about eight years, a man may have been bedridden or suffering from some kind of disease for about 13 years. It is necessary to prolong a healthy life to have fun in the 100 years of life. In the SKG, we will continue to work as much as possible to help improve your health life through Project 90. Thank you very much in the future. Mr. Imazawa, everyone who participated, thank you very much!