This season will start from today with a professional who has been supporting us since last year.

Last year, we passed the LPGA final Test in July, and the final QT44 of the Kyoto Ladies ‘ opening, the final step tour, and a year of leaps and turns.

↑ This photo was in February of last year.She was born in 1997 and still has a innocence.

It is only one year from that, when it came to greet the other day before the season, it was impressive that both strength and kindness had become a fearless features that increased. Lin professional wants to be first-rate as a person and a golfer.It speaks to the surroundings. I respect the Serizawa Nobuo Professional, and always cherish the attitude that is bright and attentive around me, and not forgetting to appreciate.

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I think that the Serizawa professional is a really wonderful character that always entertains surroundings.

What is the year of the professional in 2019? In SKG, I would like to continue to cheer while poor ability, while wishing for further leaps and minds.

As the wind of Shonan is warm and soft, it is strong, and please pay attention to the activity of the Hayashi Na Noriko professional everyone.

[The first match of Hayashi na Noriko pro this season]

LPGA Step-Up tour 209.Hk × RE SYU RYU (3/26 ~ 27) The Queen Hills Golf Club @ Fukuoka

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