Thai traditional massage Hiranya Hattarira opening!

Traditional Thai Massage “Hiranya Hattalira” has opened at the former Ryst Ness Care location in Shonan Kinugasa Golf.
After your practice, how about relaxing your body with traditional Thai massage?
Therapist is Thai Siripong who has many customers in Yokosuka base.
You can make a reservation at the front desk.
Massage only available.

Thai traditional massage “Hilanya Hattalilla”

Oyabe 1-3-6, Yokosuka City, Kanagawa

Business hours: 12:00~21:00 Regular holiday: Tuesday

Reservation is here≫046-836-0378

With Thai massage

Ⅰ~With Thai massage~

Traditional Thai massage is slow and sleepy.
It is in order to obtain the original relaxation effect by performing with the rhythm matched to the human heart.
In addition, the blood pressure is improved and blood circulation is improved by stopping the blood circulation for a moment and slowly returning to the natural state.
The body that is unwell due to blood flow becomes sloppy.
After receiving Thai traditional massage, the blood flow improvement effect is said to be about three times faster, and the body after surgery is surprisingly light.

Ⅱ~Blood Sarara with stretch effect~

It is a stretch that seems to be “painful” for inexperienced people, but unlike body preparation and osteopathic clinics, it is not the purpose of restoring so-called misaligned bones.
Because distortion of the joints is one of the causes of losing weight and weight in the legs, exercise and stimulation are given to the joints by the idea of ​​”yoga”.
Therefore, traditional Thai massage stretches slowly and naturally rather than forced exercise.
Among professional golfers, there are many players who receive Thai massage before and after the round, probably because of such effects.

Ⅲ~Difference with general massage~

Japanese Shiatsu massage is based on feet, hips, and shoulders, and it is a localized treatment that can be done in a short time, just as quick massages are for sale.
The tempo is also relatively light and I feel very good when I’m doing it, but it’s different from a Thai massage that promotes a fundamental improvement in my physical condition.

Therapist introduction


Store manager:Siripon


Japanese, English OK

Thai traditional massage menu

Thai traditional massage

Course time Fee (tax included)
70 minutes course 4,000 yen
100 minutes course 6,000 yen
130 minutes course 8,000 yen

oil massage

Course time  Fee (tax included)
70 minutes course 6,000 yen
100 minutes course 9,000 yen

Short time (Thai massage)

Course time  Fee (tax included)
20 minutes course 1,600 yen
30 minutes course 2,200 yen

※There are also foot, facial and 4-hand massage. Please contact the front desk.