The driving range where an exercise becomes fun! Shonan Kinugasa Golf

We have 110 ranges include 12 ranges for lefty.10 target green in 230y
1Chome-3-6 Ōyabe,Yokosuka-shi, Kanagawa-ken 238-0024 TEL:046-836-0378

Point Card (membership card)

Premium Point Card
For first time customer,Please get your membership card.
  • Free membership,free annual fee.
  • Tt's a prepaid card to rent balls.
  • Charge ¥5,250 at a time in you get 500 points.
    Charge ¥10,500 at a time in you get 1500 points.
  • You can use par 500 points for renting golf balls,bunker,Rental clubs. 1point = 1Yen
  • Please come to the front desk to change points.
  • Point will expired 1year after the last time charge.
  • We reissue the card if you lost it,with the amount that was charged and points you have left on it at the time you report it to us.
  • Fee of reissue a card is ¥210.